Nakameguro, Tokyo

Someone once said to me, you won't know what it really means to travel until you go by yourself.

Japan has always fascinated me. Its culture, the quirky stories I'd heard, the warmth of the people and most importantly, the natural landscapes, were all things I wanted to experience for myself. So I decided to go to Tokyo on a solo adventure, to find out what it truly mean to travel.

There is nothing more confusing than having to navigate the subway or ATM machines when you don't understand the language. Luckily for me I had a bucket load of positive energy to guide me through the problem solving. I had started my day with a map but soon realised that all I needed to know was the subway station—which was easy—Nakameguro.

There is a meandering path between the station and neighbourhood and once I reached the sakura tree-lined canal, it was easy to find my way around. I wandered the tiny streets in search for anything that caught my eye, and there was no shortage of interesting spots. The whole neighbourhood is dotted with concept boutique stores, art gallery spaces, cafes and eateries. The hardest part was choosing where to go first!

I ventured off the main path and up a flight of stairs, to find a tiny, quaint gallery space called hygge arts + craft—a sanctuary of gorgeous pieces displayed in a scandi style. My next stop was the famous Cow Books located on the main stretch towards the end, where like-minded individuals flock to peruse the amazing collections of finds. After that, with the afternoon drawing to a close, I ended up huddled in a cosy cafe pondering all the amazing spots that I had stumbled upon.

There was a creative energy to Nakameguro that captured me, and I knew this would not be the last time I was here.