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Lou Lindgren
Designer, Photographer

Currently in/ Brisbane, Australia

I am a traveller at heart. Its what I've grown up knowing, even before being a creative and designer by trade. Swedish born and of polish descent, my family raised me in Sweden and Kuwait, before settling down in Australia. 

A London jaunt after university lasting nearly five years led me on explorations of over 40 cities, some becoming well-worn favourites. Nothing excites me more than jumping on a plane with a cup of freedom in hand, ready to wander new-found places and discover more corners of myself. 

We all have a thing that makes us feel connected to life. Our journeys are unique to us. The act of authentic travel and wandering a neighbourhood with camera in hand is #myetre

Keaton Fletcher
Designer, Writer

Currently in/ Glasgow, Scotland

I have always been a dreamer. Growing up hearing mesmerising travel tales from my father's knee, I soaked up his curiosity for the world and dreamed of the days I would create my own stories. 

Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in a seaside village near Byron Bay, I went on my first adventure at 17 and never truly landed back in the world I had left.

I am a creative soul who craves new worlds to explore, and this inspires me most as a writer and designer. To me, there is nothing like discovering other cultures first-hand, so every city upon who's streets I have rambled has left its trace in my blood. 

Forever seeking the place that whispers home to my heart, I await this revelation as I mark each new moment of perfection. This is #myetre