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our story


There are moments in life when the perfect conjunction of time and place connect to bring you back to your essential self. Time slows and stops, and there is an ephemeral, yet endless quality to the beauty you see. 

This is truly being. 

Fleeting though it is we look for it; that moment of simple perfection so bright, it is pierced with the pain of it's inevitable loss. We wander the earth in search of these moments, even if we fail to realise that we do, because what we want is to live in that heavenly, spectacular now. 

So we search, and search on even after we catch and lose them again and again. And the more transcendent moments we encounter, the more insistent the inclination to catch the next is.  It is intoxicating and sublimely addictive, waiting for that faultless meeting between time, place and your self.

This moment is what we at être seek to give you.


Our philosophy


The être philosophy is simple authenticity.

From inspiration to creation and design; printing, production and packaging, it is important to us that our hands touch every aspect of our process, so that we can make a tangible connection to you, our audience, through our work. We want to share our view of this beautiful world we live in, and build the belief that you too can find your perfect moment in the places we have found ours.


Artisan made

The être style is based on clean, aesthetically beautiful minimalism. We are inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian art and design, and subscribe to the watchwords ‘form follows function’ in our design process. Each neighbourhood guide is designed, printed and produced by our own hands on high-quality archival paper.

Curated moments

It is important to us that we have an authentic connection with the neighbourhoods we capture in our publications. With this in mind we only feature places personally vetted and written about by us. Our wish is to take you on a journey through some of our favourite neighbourhoods—through local secrets, significant sites and some of the world’s most picturesque scenes.

Original photography

At être we have collected galleries of photographs from all over the world, taken on personal exploration of each featured location. To give our audience an authentic impression of our neighbourhoods, we only use imagery seen, framed and taken by our own hands.

Illustrated map

We lovingly hand-draw and design each map at être with a fresh and clean style. Graphically designed icons and textures illustrate the locations of parks, museums, cafes, scenic views and places of interest we have loved in our own travels.


about us

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Lou Lindgren
Designer, Photographer

Currently in/ Brisbane, Australia

I am a traveller at heart. Its what I've grown up knowing, even before being a creative and designer by trade. Swedish born and of polish descent, my family raised me in Sweden and Kuwait, before settling down in Australia. 

A London jaunt after university lasting nearly five years led me on explorations of over 40 cities, some becoming well-worn favourites. Nothing excites me more than jumping on a plane with a cup of freedom in hand, ready to wander new-found places and discover more corners of myself. 

We all have a thing that makes us feel connected to life. Our journeys are unique to us. The act of authentic travel and wandering a neighbourhood with camera in hand is #myetre

Keaton Fletcher
Designer, Writer

Currently in/ Glasgow, Scotland

I have always been a dreamer. Growing up hearing mesmerising travel tales from my father's knee, I soaked up his curiosity for the world and dreamed of the days I would create my own stories. 

Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in a seaside village near Byron Bay, I went on my first adventure at 17 and never truly landed back in the world I had left.

I am a creative soul who craves new worlds to explore, and this inspires me most as a writer and designer. To me, there is nothing like discovering other cultures first-hand, so every city upon who's streets I have rambled has left its trace in my blood. 

Forever seeking the place that whispers home to my heart, I await this revelation as I mark each new moment of perfection. This is #myetre