There are moments in life when the perfect conjunction of time and place connect to bring you back to your essential self. Time slows and stops, and there is an ephemeral, yet endless quality to the beauty you see. 

This is truly being. 

Fleeting though it is we look for it; that moment of simple perfection so bright, it is pierced with the pain of it's inevitable loss. We wander the earth in search of these moments, even if we fail to realise that we do, because what we want is to live in that heavenly, spectacular now. 

So we search, and search on even after we catch and lose them again and again. And the more transcendent moments we encounter, the more insistent the inclination to catch the next is.  It is intoxicating and sublimely addictive, waiting for that faultless meeting between time, place and your self.

This moment is what we at être seek to give you.