Truly being in this place

“Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.” Allen Ginsberg

If you imagine yourself in a time and place
where you are free to be who you want to be...
where are you? and what does it feel like?


There is a sense of us in each place we visit or travel to or live. It’s a choice outside of ourselves: to be connected to a time and place, where we are in that moment; to truly be present in a time and place, however fleeting it may be.

There is a lot of talk about truly being in the present moment. For me it is like a daily mantra, but I will be honest, it's hard to stay in that mindset. Our days are swamped with a new list of distractions or responsibilities that make it extremely difficult to stay focused. I often wonder how many people keep it together and stay on the enlightened path. I don’t believe it’s ever that easy, nor am I be naive enough to think others do as well. There are some things that just take practice and patience, if we are willing to make it a priority our lives.

I choose to live out my days as authentically as I can and even still, I have days where I feel lost. How could we not, with our infinite expectations on ourselves to accomplish and live out our dreams in full. Its a journey that most of us struggle with, let alone know how to tackle on a daily basis.

So back to my original questions. where do you most feel like yourself?
It could be a place, or a memory, or a feeling you once had.

Whilst I do believe my answer may change on any given day, I have always been drawn to the waters edge. My most recent memory of this feeling was sitting on the Angourie Point looking back towards both sides of the coastline and being overwhelmed by the sheer magnificence of nature. My life felt like it was all but a spec of importance in this whole wide world. and in that moment, my perspective on what was important shifted slightly and I felt lighter, more whole.

Some places have a certain magic to them that can't be explained, but when you feel it there is nothing quite like it in the world. I travel because it can bring out the best and worst parts of me. More importantly though, I travel because I feel like myself on the road, and I feel at home.

Angourie Point, Australia  Photography by @looseleaf

Angourie Point, Australia
Photography by @looseleaf

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Louise Lindgren