The art of stillness

“...sit still long enough to find out what moves you most, to recall where your truest happiness lies, and to remember that sometimes making a living and making a life point in opposite directions.” Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer is a travel writer both insightful and illuminating, with an understanding of true inner wellness developed over a lifetime of world travel. Here he is speaking about taking time for stillness, and the great and lasting positive effect this can have on your life.

Photo gallery to inspire stillness

Take a peek at the peaceful island haven of Djuro, Stockholm County while you take some time for stillness.

Djuro Stockholm 1.jpg
Djuro Stockholm 2.jpg
Djuro Stockholm 3.jpg
Djuro Stockholm 4.jpg
Djuro Stockholm 5.jpg
Photography by @looseleaf

Photography by @looseleaf

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Keaton Fletcher