Hanoi, Vietnam

Stepping outside into the chaotic hum of the Old Quarter is as alluring as it is exciting. 

There is a warmth in the air, and yes, the humidity is high, but there is also warmth in the welcoming culture of the people. Everyone is out on the street meeting, eating, shopping, working and going about their daily lives. We stumble across a corner coffee shop and sit on the blue plastic chairs outside, taking the streetscape in. 

Yesterday we found ourselves exploring the majestic beauty of Halong Bay. It is the kind of natural wonder you don't get to see very often in life. Cruising on our junk boat through the crystal blue waters is breath-taking. I couldn't help but wonder how long these green giants have been sitting here in stillness, waiting to be found.

We roam the streets of Hanoi on foot today, taking in as much as we can and discovering little gems along the way. There is historical architecture and French influence everywhere you look, but our focus is mainly on avoiding the swarm of scooters coming our way.

Our day ends with a bite to eat and cold beers at the famous night markets, right in the middle of the old town. We have only just begun our grand adventure.