Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

This is a walking kind of place.

We get up bright, ready to take on our adventure and scoot through Mauer Park. The passing sporting fields seem more industrious than inviting, with their white-washed concrete aesthetic, but we are in search of the first drop of coffee and boy, once we find Oderberger Strasse - we are not disappointed.

On a caffeine high, we stroll towards the city, meandering aimlessly through the funny little neighbourhood streets. There is an abundance of creative hubs and quirky stores along the way, but it is the book stores that really capture me. Who knew there were so many zines and design books in the world?! I can't help but spend all my spare time (and euros) in these stores.

The next stop is the Kunsthaus Tacheles, an alternative art mecca falling into ruins. Sadly it recently closed it's doors, but the memory and rebellious artist spirit still remains. With a plethora of art galleries and photography centres to explore, we never run out of visual delights to entertain. 

Our day wraps up in a local restaurant bar with seats sprawled outside - perfect for enjoying the bustling streetscape, a bottle of wine and good yarns.