Jordaan, Amsterdam

This charming little city has many stories surrounding it, and it's visitors always have a tale to tell. It is a multi-faceted gem that shines into very different corners of people's minds.

On our first day there, I wasn't surprised to wake and find that it was raining. That wasn't going to dampen our spirits though—we had places to explore. The canal-lined streets are perfect for sauntering at a gentle pace, especially around Jordaan. With it's distinct terrace housing and knobbly laneways, we started our day with coffee and tea in hand; admiring the beautiful streetscapes and popping into stores with aesthetically pleasing shopfronts on our way. 

Luckily the rain had eased off and we were free to roam without fear of being soaked. The dutch sure know how to do retail styling well. Every store we stepped into near de 9 Straatjes (the 9 streets) was impeccably detailed and lured us in to explore further. Along the way we met several artisans and makers dotted around the area with their own stories to tell. 

In the afternoon we hired bikes to take us a bit further afield. First on the cards was De Hortus Botanicus, where we enjoyed a mesmerising hour surrounded by a lush green garden whilst eating lunch. Fuelled up and ready to venture on, our next stop was the museum district and the Amsterdam sign. It may be the ultimate tourist spot, but it fulfilled our child-like desire to take silly pictures.

Towards the end of the day, still riding our bikes, we spotted a little bistro tucked away, almost hidden. As the sun was setting on our rambling day, we decided to round it out over delicious food and reminiscences of the last 24 hours.